Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something?

There are often many misconceptions in the air when it comes to LAN4life. If you have a question, check here first.

Did LAN4life change venue?

LAN4life is held in the HBHS hall, due to the large space meaning we can host more people.

What do I need to bring?

A few things.

  • A gaming device such as a computer, console, or something else to keep you entertained
  • Monitor or television (these will be available for lending from the school if you need one or want more)
  • Ethernet cable, if applicable (these become rarer as time goes on)
  • Multiple port power brick (these also tend to get used, don't depend on them being available)
  • Headphones
  • Food and drink (a microwave and kettle may be available, but probably not a fridge)
  • Pizza money for the 7pm pizza run (optional)
  • A sleeping bag
  • Some form of cushioning (the floor isn't comfortable)
  • A pillow

  • ...friends

[Where] do we sleep?

It's a good idea to sleep. We turn the lights off gradually from 8pm, which should help if you're trying to sleep. The floor in the hall will be hard. Bring a small mattress, sleeping bag and/or thick blanket.

How much does it cost?

See the tickets page, our pricing system has changed a bit!

How many times is LAN4life run per year?

In 2019, we're running LAN4life three times! Once per term, for the first three terms. Check the tickets page for more information on special pricing.

Those shirts look cool. Where can I buy one?

We order the shirts in bulk to save on shipping, so you'll get yours when we next order. To do so, use your balance on the website through the shirts page.

How do I add to my balance?

You can pay one of the crew in person, making sure they know exactly who you are.
You can also make a bank transfer to 03-1556-0176786-002. If you do this, make sure to send oasis9#6520 a message via Discord.

This website may or may not support payments yet. Check the panel on the right.